LineUp™ is a multi-platform software system for stakeholder engagement and team collaboration.

LineUp™ supports all types of engagement

stakeholder engagementLineUp™ supports negotiation, participation, consultation, relationship management, liaison and many other forms of human interaction. It guides teams & organisations that regularly interact with stakeholders. LineUp™ operates over traditional and modern communication channels and mediums (multimodal).

LineUp™ is a platform for teamwork

git-workflow-release-cycle-4maintenanceLineUp™ helps to co-ordinate the teamwork needed for’listening’, ‘sharing’ and information management tasks over multiple initiatives. It accurately measures and monitors the progress & performance of engagement and collaborative activities.

LineUp™ gives you understanding & insight

multi piechart - no backgroundLineUp™ captures data from multiple and interrelated initiatives involving vast numbers of stakeholders, interactions and interests. It converts this data into real-time reports, dashboards and maps.

LineUp™ creates collective impact

collective impactLineUp™ systemises relationship building and knowledge sharing, and measures progress towards shared goals and values. Individuals, teams, agencies and communities can collaborate to address issues of mutual importance and to co-create solutions.

lineup_greenStreamlining stakeholder engagement & team collaboration with smart software.

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